The Improved Ethernet Alliance – Scott Kipp, Ethernet Alliance President

By Ethernet Alliance


Welcome to the new Ethernet Alliance website.  We’re continually improving the website and the way that we operate. Here’s a list of what we’ve done or are going to do soon:

  1. We’ve added a Newsroom to the home page. Check out and scroll down to see how we have a list of the most recent articles, press releases, videos and whitepapers.
  2. The End Users Speak! TEF – On February 16th, the latest Technology Exploration Forum (TEF) focuses on end users.  From entertainment industry executives to mega-data center builders, the end users will tell us about their needs in Santa Clara, CA.
  3. Created the University of Ethernet webinar series. This new series of webinars will begin with Ethernet 102: The Physical Layer of Ethernet on February 28th.  Frank Yang of Commscope and I will be presenting a primer on the physical layer of Ethernet from 10BASE-T to 100GBASE-LR4.  
  4. New Blogs – The Ethernet Alliance wants to communicate with the world about Ethernet and the latest developments in Ethernet standards.  Scott Kipp and John D’Ambrosia will write regular blogs with collectively about 1 post/week.
  5. Hosting the January IEEE 802.3 Interim Meeting – The Ethernet Alliance hosted the interim IEEE meeting last week in Newport Beach, CA!  Many people got breaks from the cold weather and got to bask in the sun on short breaks from the intense meetings.
  6. OFC demo of Higher Speed Ethernet: From the Cloud to the Data Center.  The Ethernet Alliance is going to demonstrate 10/40/100GbE connectivity between data centers and cloud service providers.

Besides these new initiatives, the Ethernet Alliance is supporting our traditional activities like promoting interoperability at conferences and hosting interoperability events with UNH Interoperability Labs.  The Ethernet Alliance is expanding beyond its base and providing more value to its members as well as the customers of our members – everyone who uses Ethernet. 

Focus the Ethernet Alliance on the users of Ethernet is not very limiting, so we’d like to hear from you about what you’re interested in seeing delivered.  Please tell us what type of content that you want the Ethernet Alliance to provide in the comments section of this blog. The Ethernet Alliance needs your input to guide us in the right direction.  Just tell us that you want to hear about and we’ll try and address the topic in blogs, webinars or a new forum. 

One part of new Ethernet Alliance is to keep you better informed about all of the work that we are doing.  We would love to keep you informed about these changes, so please do the following to get in the loop:

  1. Sign up for our monthly Ethernet Alliance newsletter
  2. Read our blogs
  3. Give feedback to our blogs
  4. Watch a webinar at the University of Ethernet
  5. Surf our website

You might ask, What’s your point?

My point is that the Ethernet Alliance is changing to support the Ethernet industry that is going through profound change.  Ethernet is changing and being deployed on a scale and depth that has never been seen.  The Ethernet Alliance wants to help you understand these changes, so we’re changing to do that better than ever before.

That’s my point!

Scott Kipp

President of the Ethernet Alliance