Program Overview

The primary goal of the EA PoE Certification Program is to improve the end-user experience by minimizing market interoperability issues and confusion.

In August 2014, our members could see issues arising in the market as a result of the wide variety of products using the PoE name. We began to explore a certification program that would distinguish PoE standards-based products from proprietary PoE implementations.  This led to the formation of the PoE Certification Program.

What will Certification Mean?

The EA Certification Mark will simplify identification of products designed to the IEEE 802.3 PoE standards.

The Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification Test Plan clearly defines test procedures (based on the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet PoE specifications).  EA PoE Certification will identify those devices that have successfully been tested against this test plan.

This program will increase our users confidence that products from multiple manufacturers will work together.