Authorized Test Lab



The Ethernet Alliance has partnered with the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) to handle the certification testing and processes in connection with the PoE Program.  The UNH-IOL  is an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry. Since 1988, the UNH-IOL has built a multimillion dollar testbed and developed testing solutions to help companies efficiently and cost effectively deliver products to marketwhile preparing students for careers in industry. The laboratory has grown steadily into one of the industry’s premier independent proving grounds  for new technologies. For additional information about UNH IOL, you can visit their website at

Industry-Recognized Tests and Reports

The UNH-IOL maintains a strong reputation for independent, vendor-neutral testing with a focus on quality assurance rather than marketing or promotional goals. The confidential test reports the UNH-IOL provides to its members are recognized throughout the data communications industry as evidence of interoperability and conformance to technical standards.


Expertise and Infrastructure

Membership in the UNH-IOL can be viewed as an extension of in-house testing and Quality Assurance. UNH-IOL engineers have a thorough knowledge of both industry standards (including IETF, IEEE, and ITU-T) and the methods for testing them.

This testing is conducted in the laboratory’s 28,000+ square foot facility, which houses a multi-million dollar array of test equipment and the latest devices from member companies. In return for their latest devices and support, Members are entitled to high-caliber interoperability and conformance testing against other vendors’ devices without having to incur the capital expense of setting up and operating their own test facilities.