Come Experience the Improved Ethernet Alliance Site

By Chauncey Schwartz

It is often very exciting to come to the end of a project and I’m particularly excited that the team at Ethernet Alliance has just completed updating our web site.  We’ve updated the landing page and many of the pages so they are easier to use, contain relevant and exciting information about Ethernet. We’ve also added a newly designed press room so press and analysts can find relevant information about Ethernet and Ethernet related technologies.

So if you want to know what webinar is coming up, what data center bridging is all about, what is the current state of 10GBASE-T or other exciting advances in Ethernet come visit our site and get the latest on Ethernet.

We’ve added “hero pages”, new graphics, easier to use links and just generally dusted and cleaned the whole external site so you can have a much better experience and find lots of useful information about Ethernet much more quickly!

But don’t take my word for it come see the new site for yourself.

Chauncey Schwartz, Chair Marketing Committee, Ethernet Alliance; Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, QLogic Corp.