Ethernet Alliance Extends Reach

By Chauncey Schwartz

Given the ongoing evolution of Ethernet technology, there has always been a desire globally by both IT vendors and customers to understand the current state of Ethernet development and to learn more about Ethernet as a whole.  The Ethernet Alliance is a global, non-profit, industry consortium of member organizations that are dedicated to the continued success and advancement of Ethernet technologies around the world and focusses on meeting the needs of Ethernet education and thought leadership.  This Alliance strives to promote the presence, focus, and significance of Ethernet through education and interoperability demonstration.  We are thrilled to expand our reach with several recent international events and upcoming engagements.

We are very excited with the work that is being done to continue the global presence of the Ethernet Alliance.  Most recently we had our Ethernet Alliance Chairman John D’Ambrosia speaking in China and did our first media release in Chinese (see press release in English and Chinese) which received wide exposure within the local market. Expanding our global presence is also being reflected in how we approach media releases in general.  For example, our participation this week in two European events (Carrier Ethernet World Congress in Spain and ECOC 2012 in Amsterdam) will use an exclusively European media distribution approach. One of the goals of the Ethernet Alliance in 2012 was to further promote our presence beyond North America and it’s exciting and gratifying to see that continuing! Keep an eye out for more activity in your part of the world at our events site and in our press room. You can also keep up with the Ethernet Alliance at our website.

Chauncey Schwartz, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, QLogic and Chair Marketing Committee, Ethernet Alliance