The Future of Ethernet

By Gilda Foss

Ethernet Alliance presents the Technology Exploration Forum of 2013!

Gilda Foss, Industry Evangelist, Office of the CTO, NetApp

TEF Chairperson & Board of Directors, Ethernet Alliance

The Ethernet Alliance is back with our Technology Exploration Forum [TEF] happening on October 15, 2013 and this year we are taking it to the future!  You won’t want to miss this event where many of the best and brightest minds in the networking industry will be.  We will be discussing the future of Ethernet, as we target the next generation of applications and technologies that will drive the next generation of specifications.  This forum will bring together experts and key players in the Ethernet industry to discuss and explore these areas. In addition to its own broad membership, which includes component vendors, system vendors, and end users, this event is open to non-Ethernet Alliance members. Together, these two constituencies will provide a diverse set of backgrounds, ensuring lively discussion and helping the industry define a vision for the future of Ethernet.

Bob MetcalfWe are also very pleased & honored to announce that Mr. Bob Metcalfe will be our keynote speaker.   Most of you know Bob as the inventor of Ethernet so we are just thrilled to have an innovator of his caliber speaking at our event.  In addition to his keynote presentation, Bob will also be leading a brainstorming session where ideas will be shared and challenges will be discussed. 

Furthermore, we have the privilege of also having Mr. Nan Chen as a featured speaker at our TEF!  Mr. nanChen is known in the telecom/networking industry as the founding President of the MEF. The MEF has profoundly shaped the telecom and Internet industry by establishing Carrier Ethernet as the predominant technology and service for businesses, homes, mobile infrastructure, and for next generation networking of the Internet.

Please submit your ideas for panels and topics.  The sessions will be completely interactive while providing a wealth if information.  The deadline for submissions is July 26th, so don’t wait!

We’ve already gotten the ball rolling with promoting the TEF through our various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Please check back for blogs and videos that will be posted as well.  The closer we get to the event, the more tweets you are sure to see – so please re-tweet to your Twitterverse and post comments and discussions on both the Facebook and LinkedIn sites where you can converse with your peers about the various topics at hand.  Perhaps it will spark your interest on something that you yourself could speak on at the TEF!  We also have several different opportunities for sponsorships that include Platinum ($5,000), Gold ($2,500), Lunch / Break ($500), Giveaway ($250), 40th Birthday Party Reception ($1,500).  For more information about sponsorships, please visit our TEF 2013 Sponsorship page. 

We look forward to a successful exchange of ideas on the future of Ethernet, driven by lots of participation by individuals just like you!  Don’t hesitate to submit your ideas and topics of interest.  We will be reviewing each and every one that comes in, so make sure you take some time to think about how you can make your own mark at the TEF!  Recognition for your company and recognition for yourself can go a long way with events like this, so don’t miss out!  Please visit our TEF 2013 website for more information and details – we look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you there in October!