The 100GbE Lambda Workshop – Minimizing the Risk

By Tom Hausken

OIDA is pleased to co-host with Ethernet Alliance the upcoming joint workshop on 100GbE per lambda for data centers, and it promises to be different from other workshops that OIDA has hosted in recent years.

Note that is very specific: 100GbE, single-wavelength, technology, data centers.  We couldn’t describe it any other way.  “Per lambda” (or single wavelength) means it’s not about CWDM or parallel optics.  It means single wavelength.  “Technology” is not in the title, but could be, and means that it’s not about standards.  “Data centers” means it’s not about telecom.  And “100GbE” means just that—don’t miss the “E” in 100GbE, by the way.  This workshop is about how to make this particular technology happen.

We will talk about the end-user and system drivers, and the optical and electronic technology.  We will also talk about some of the market and non-market challenges to commercialization. 

A key challenge is the rationalization and stratification of the supply chain.  The days of vertical integration of AT&T, British Telecom, France Telecom, and others is long gone.  Today, the increasing investment required to commercialize new technologies like 100GbE is mostly pushed to the layer of component suppliers, companies that are not in a position to take on a lot of risk. 

That’s the real reason for the workshop: the cost to commercialization is high, so let’s get together and discuss what we can to minimize the risk for everyone.  We hope to see you there!