Nathan Tracy, TE Connectivity

By Ethernet Alliance

Nathan Tracy is a Technologist on the system architecture team and manager of industry standards for TE Connectivity’s Data and Devices business unit, where he is responsible for driving standards activities and working with key customers to enable new system architectures. Nathan has more than 30 years of experience in technology development, marketing, and business development for TE in areas including RF/microwave, and high speed signaling technology for the networking, telecom, wireless, automotive and defense markets.

Nathan is active in a number of industry standards and associations. He currently serves the OIF as president and member of the board of directors, is a regular attendee and contributor to the Ethernet Alliance, IEEE 802.3 and COBO. Additionally, he is active in a number of industry MSAs and forums where he has held leadership roles.

Nathan earned his Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Technology degree from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.