Carrier Ethernet World Congress

Barcelona, Spain
IEEE Plugfest PoE Certification Technology Tradeshow Webinar

Carrier Ethernet World Congress is comprehensive operator led program brings together 450+ Ethernet professionals for 4 days of structured networking and debate:

  • The only official Congress of the MEF
  • Not just a European conference; 2011 welcomed 70 different operator companies from 50 countries
  • NEW for 2012:  The Carrier Ethernet Essentials Master class  – certification of products & services and professional certification training
  • Featuring the EANTC Interoperability Showcase  –synchronisation for utility markets & LTE
  • 25+ global operator  case studies in 2012 including: Deutsche Telekom, NTT, Du, Telkom Indonesia, TELUS, Colt, GTS, TalkTalk and many more

Ethernet Alliance is participating in a CEWC Panel Discussion, Thursday, September 20, 4:05pm

Title: Exploring the Needs of Current and Future Networks – The Symbiotic Optical Ethernet Relationship: Optical Enables Ethernet And Ethernet Drives Optical

Panelist: Bill Murphy, Director Solutions Marketing, Extreme Networks