Next Generation 100GbE Interconnect Specifications

Santa Clara, CA
IEEE Plugfest PoE Certification Technology Tradeshow Webinar

The Ethernet Alliance hosted a one day Technology Exploration Forum (TEF) to discuss next generation interconnect specifications for 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

This forum brought together experts in the Ethernet industry to discuss and explore this area.ย  In addition to its own broad membership, which includes component vendors, system vendors, and end users, this event was open to non-Ethernet Alliance members.ย  Together, these two groups of participants provided a broad set of backgrounds that should enable lively discussion.

The Technology Exploration Forum was an opportunity for individuals to present and explore their ideas with members of the Ethernet community interested in exploring the future of Ethernet. Presentations that were given included:

  • The Channel for 100GbE
  • Signaling and Encoding for 100GbE
  • CEI Chip-to-Chip and Backplane Signaling Interfaces
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet for 100Gb/s Backplane and Copper Systems
  • Exploring Optical Technology for 100GbE
  • The Future of 100GbE Single-Mode Optics
  • Next Generation of BASE-T


Frank Yang, CommScope

Greg McSorley, Amphenol

Howard Frazier, Broadcom

John D’Ambrosia, Force10 Networks

Jon Anderson, Opnext

Manoj Wadekar, QLogic

Michael Bennett, LBNL

Nathan Tracy, TE Connectivity

Sunil Ahluwalia, Intel