TEF 2012 – The End Users Speak!

Santa Clara, CA
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The Ethernet Alliance will host a one day Technology Exploration Forum (TEF) to give the end-user community the opportunity to voice their needs for Ethernet in their network architectures & applications.  These opinions will fuel the discussions of the day as the Ethernet industry gathers to hold a lively discussion regarding the future direction & evolution of Ethernet.

TEF Chair


Manoj Wadekar is Chief Technologist at QLogic Corporation and is responsible for driving architecture and technology strategy for QLogic’s Adapter products in Data Centers. He has been driving cross-industry initiative Ethernet and FC technologies.

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TEF Sneak Peak

Panel #1 Ethernet in Future Data Centers
While large data centers often draw the most amount of attention, the reality is that there are a variety of types of data centers, ranging in size, form, function, and capacity.   From the various I/O ranging from Gigabit Ethernet to 100 Gigabit Ethernet to support server, networking, and storage applications across multiple media types to the data center bridging protocols, Ethernet has provided the data center community with a host of solutions.  With the introduction and deployment of these technologies underway, end-users are garnering world experience with all of these solutions.  What have they found?  Come hear Ramanurjam Rao from Nationwide Insurance, Fred Hartley from Chevron, and Matt Estes from Walt Disney viewpoints, and engage in an industry discussion to identify what future data center networks need from Ethernet.

Panel #2 – Ethernet and the Heart of the Internet
Ethernet permeates throughout the entire networked world, and each part of the network brings forward its own challenges for Ethernet that must be addressed.  Carriers and Multi System Operators (MSO) must deal with large geographically diverse networks where Ethernet is everywhere: from their access networks to their aggregation networks.  Internet exchanges are at the heart of networks, and must also deal with the bandwidth issues that occur there. Come hear Shamim Akhtar of Comcast, Jay Behrens of  Frontier Communications, and Martin Pels of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange share their perspectives on the problems they face, and engage in the discussion to understand what these parts of the Ethernet Eco-System need from Ethernet in the future.

Panel #3 – The Role of Power in Networks
From carrier to data center networks, the role of energy use is often understated as the focus is on architecture, bandwidth and latency.  Yet managing the cost, availability and reliability of energy is essential to the location and operation of data centers and network service providers.  Come hear Michael Bennett of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (LBNL), Una Song of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Bob Felderman of Google explore the challenges of providing their services in the face of rising energy costs, government regulation and aging power distribution infrastructure and join in the discussion of what the Ethernet industry can do to help them. 

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