Supercomputing 2008 10 Gigabit Ethernet Converged Data Center Demonstration

By Ethernet Alliance

The Ethernet Alliance converged data center demonstration shows the deployment of several types of mixed traffic over a multi-vendor 10 GbE infrastructure with physical links that consist of both UTP copper, twinax copper and fiber optic media. The SAN/LAN network is converged at Layer 2 using Ethernet as the common transport protocol. The demonstration data center runs 10 GbE application-to-application traffic, iSCSI storage and low latency traffic with a streaming video environment from iSCSI storage, FCoE over a lossless Ethernet network and converged traffic types via virtualized servers. The Ethernet Alliance demonstration shows a physical data center built with equipment from multiple vendors, switches, network interface card (NICs), converged network adapters (CNAs) and cabling systems that supports a complex yet realistic set of 10 GbE application environments.