The 2016 Ethernet Roadmap

The 2016 Ethernet Roadmap shows the latest developments in Ethernet and contains historical information as well as estimates for when future speeds may become available.  The roadmap shows new technologies such as Flexible Ethernet (FlexE), new optical modules and 4-Pair PoE.  Ethernet nomenclature is also explained and the Ethernet Ecosystem of consumer, residential, enterprise, campus, hyper-scale data center and service providers is revealed.  The map is beautifully drawn and packed full of information.

The roadmap is broken into two parts:

  • A two-sided, illustrated map that illustrates the speeds on the front side and the Ethernet ecosystem on the backside.  This map is available in pdf format as well as a folded, printed map that will be given away at various Ethernet Alliance events. The map has enough resolution to print on a 24” x 36” poster. 
  • Two presentations that contain the graphics from the map for people to use in presentations.  This website limits the size of files to 8MB, so the files had to be broken into two files.  The first presentation contains the overall graphics for the front and backside.  The second presentation includes graphics of the road, PoE and other graphics designed to be animated in powerpoint.

Free copies of the folded map will be given away at various events this year including OFC, OIF, T11, ETS, SC and IEEE.


This map was based on work done in the Ethernet Alliance’s Roadmap Subcommittee.  More information on the Roadmap Subcommittee can be found here.

The 2015 Ethernet Roadmap can be found here.

 The 2015 Ethernet Roadmap is saved here for historical purposes and does contain content that was not carried forward in the 2016 Ethernet Roadmap.