Todd Roth, Harris Corporation


Todd Roth has been with Harris Corporation over 20 years. Todd has been leading the development of broadcast video servers since the introduction of the VR30 line in 1993, the industries first PC- based, video disk recorder, through the current Nexio AMP, the industry’s first software-codec based HD/SD video server.

Innovations by Todd and his team led to the introduction of the industries first shared storage, multi-channel video disk recorder in 1994 as well as Fiber Channel based shared storage and software RAID introduced by the VR300 line in 1996. 

In 2000 Todd was granted a patent for the invention of the “Shared Video Data Storage System”, which led to a 2001 Emmy for”Pioneering Developments in Shared Video-Data Storage Technology”.  Todd has also received patents for “Method and apparatus for synchronized multiple format storage” in July 2002 and “Video media data storage system and related methods” in March 2011. Todd is also a recipient of the Harris “Industry Recognition Award”.