Benefits of Membership

Who We Are

The Ethernet Alliance is a global consortium of key Ethernet stakeholders, including equipment vendors, industry experts, and university professionals. Dedicated to facilitating the expansion of IEEE 802 standards-based Ethernet products and technologies into new applications and markets worldwide, it offers an array of resources including tradeshows, webinars, interoperability demonstrations, and educational programs.

The Ethernet Alliance helps bring new Ethernet standards to market faster through its advocacy and consensus-building efforts. With transparent, impartial governance, the Ethernet Alliance serves as a forum for the open, productive exchange of ideas and dialog in the pursuit of Ethernet product and technology excellence.

Why Join the Ethernet Alliance

As a member, you obtain:

  • Influence: Becoming a member of the Ethernet Alliance offers you and your organization a unique opportunity to become part of the voice of Ethernet in the global community.  Your membership facilitates discussions with thought leaders in Ethernet and therefore, enables you to participate in and influence the debate of Ethernet futures.
  • Proving Your Interoperability: By participating in interoperability demonstrations and plugfests you will demonstrate your product is interoperable with multiple, other product implementations and, with this experience, your products will be higher quality due to this ability to test your products with other products.
  • Continuing Ethernet Education:As a member you will be able to both expand your knowledge by taking advantage of, and apply your skills to:
    • Attend/create webinars for the Ethernet Alliance’s University of Ethernet series
    • Speak on panels at industry tradeshows
    • Read/write white papers
    • Participate in subcommittees focusing on specific areas of Ethernet Technology. 
  • Global Exposure: Participation in the Ethernet Alliance allows you to increase your company’s visibility through participation in plugfests, and tradeshows. Your exposure is also increased by participation in the creation of webinars, as well as contributed articles, white papers and social media contributions (blogs, tweets, YouTube video, and LinkedIn conversations).

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Join the Ethernet Alliance on our journey to an improved and expanded global Ethernet.